Camp Hollywood

The Burrito Project is excited to announce that Camp Hollywood will be partnering with us in raising money for our next burrito project.

I attended Camp Hollywood #1 and I’m excited to be attending Camp Hollywood #20. I love the swing dance community and I’m extremely honored to be a part of this fantastic & diverse family. I want to personally thank Hilary Alexander and Camp Hollywood for selecting us this year as a community partner.

Please consider joining us for a burrito project event and if you would like to make a donation, I have provided several options to make it simple for you.

Thank you for Paying it Forward!

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The Burrito Project is a group of really AMAZING people (like YOU) who get together & make burritos. We make 1,000 burritos every 3rd Thursday of the month and distribute blankets, food, bottled water and hygiene kits in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles.

We are not the solution or a band-aid to the homeless problem here in Los Angeles and around the country. The Burrito Project is a starting point, a new perspective on community and personal responsibility. As children we were taught to share, a lesson that has never had any boundaries or social and economic guide lines.

The Burrito Project offers an extended burrito without judgment. There is no sermon or lecture. We offer sustenance in the form of a handshake, eye contact, warm food, and even some hugs. The Burrito Project is inspiring for us and the people we feed.

We have been INSPIRED by others before us & we hope our mission acts as a jump start to your sense of charity, and you become active in your own city and surrounding community.

This is our city, our community, and our world. Consider partnering with The Burrito Project so we can continue serving those who need help in our local communities.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Alan Pinel aka TofuAlan
Director of The Burrito Project
(Fellow Lindy Hopper)


  • Join us at our next burrito project.
  • Start a burrito project in your community (we’ll help you get started)
  • Consider making a donation, buying a hat or buying a t-shirt.
    • Your donations will help us provide food, clean water, toiletries, blankets and clean clothing for our neighbors living on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.

The good deeds of The Burrito Project are able to thrive and continue because of donations from generous organizations, companies & people like you.

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