iRestore – Rapid Restructure

iRestore has been created to give you the education, direction and tools you need to take back control of your personal finances! With Dr. Micahel Grayson we have created an educational system, which will give you an introduction to the FICO Credit Scoring System.

In addition, iRestore has contracted with third party Teaching Assistants (TA) to administer the lab portion of this educational process. Your TA will assist in negotiating with your creditors to attempt to correct erroneous, disputable and/or obsolete information from an Associates Credit Report, which should result in an increase in your credit score. Through these hands-on lab exercises you will be able to practice the techniques and principles outlined in our course.

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iRestore is not a credit repair organization and does not offer any credit repair services. iRestore is an educational program. iRestore does not guarantee any specific credit outcomes, however, students who have taken this course have averaged a 50-100 point increase, usually in 90 days or less.


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