The Burrito Project – Mission Statement

The Burrito Project, is a group of friends who meet monthly to commune with one another and share quality food with the disenfranchised people of downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena & surrounding areas.

The Burrito Project, is propelled forward by the individuals involved and by the people we feed. The project itself is a collective. Purchasing, production, and distribution of all food are a group effort. Each member has a personal connection to the project and to the people we share dinner with every month.

The Burrito Project, is an ever changing experience. We are not the solution or a band-aid to the homeless problem here in Los Angeles County. The Burrito Project, is a starting point, a new perspective on community and personal responsibility. As children we were taught to share, a lesson that has never had any boundaries or social and economic guide lines. Childhood lessons have shaped the way, The Burrito Project, looks at community. As a society we have collectively allowed ourselves to look away when our eyes become uncomfortable with what they see.

The Burrito Project, has manifested into a monthly gathering. We are a message of hope for the population of downtown that have been neglected and ignored. Despite the reasons for these people’s displacement, The Burrito Project, offers an extended burrito without judgment. There is no sermon or lecture. We offer sustenance in the form of a handshake, eye contact, warm food, and even some hugs. The Burrito Project, is inspiring for us and the people we feed.

We have been INSPIRED by others before us & we hope our mission acts as a jump start to your sense of charity, and you become active in your own city and surrounding community.

This is our world, our community, and our city. Please take a moment to look around. Who exactly are the people in your neighborhood and how can you help?